The process

Working with the subconscious mind is like pushing the record button, and recording new beliefs, a new story about who you are and where your life is going.

The Subconscious mind which dictates 95% of your mind, filters all information you receive via your senses. It contains amongst others, your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, habits, values, culture.  e.g. what you believe is possible/not possible for you; the belief that you are/aren’t good enough. Whatever you belief, you will have the exact same life experience, over and over, until you change your belief.


 Why can’t you just change by using positive thoughts?  

Why can’t you just keep telling yourself you can do it, you are good enough, you can succeed?


Your willpower, logical, rational thoughts which only dictates 5% of your mind, are part of your Conscious mind.

You can keep on telling yourself that you are successful, good enough, attractive, able to follow a diet. You keep on setting goals like, “today I won’t snap at my kids”,  “today I will exercise”, “from now on I will…”

And what happens, before the day is over, you cath yourself doing the complete opposite.  The reason:  If your Conscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions, values are not aligned with your subconscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions, your efforts will be in vain.

Your SUBCONSCIOUS DICTATES your life, what you experience, what you think, what you do.  

The Good news is, all of it can be changed. In the program you will delete negative emotions from you subconscious, change beliefs into powerful, empowering beliefs, change the picture of yourself stored in your subconscious, habits, self-worth and much more.

You can have fulfilling relationships, a satisfying work environment, passion for life, take risks, radiating self-confidence, healthy body, inner freedom and inner peace.

If you make changes in your life, such as leaving a relationship, job, city, without doing the foundational work, you will find that the next relationship, next job, city will bring you the same unfulfillment  and unhappiness. All the same things that were your reason for leaving in the first place.

First, do the work within, become happy where you are, and only then you move on.  HOW?  This coaching program will get you to where you want to be, inside, and then you can effortlessly make wise, empowering change on the outside.

Discover your ‘blueprint’. Your authentic self. 

Our program covers:

Eliciting your values
Powerful Questions
Goal Setting
Life changing life principles
Understanding your Subconscious Mind
New Focus Filters
Inner conflict therapy (inner peace)
Negative Emotional Therapy™ (Delete emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, rejection, hurt, doubt, anxiety)
Negative Believe Therapy (Delete limiting Beliefs, replace with empowering beliefs)
Installing new Empowering Beliefs
Anxiety Eliminator
Boost Self Love
New transformed Self-Image
Take action

Your new and transformed life after this program:

Fulfillment in every area of your life
Focused life
High Self-worth
New self image
Realizing and aligning your core values
Identify and release any limiting beliefs that are holding you back
Free from all negative emotions
Inner peace: no more doubting and fighting within
Feel connected and be in tune with people around you
Conscious living
Discovering who you are
Create your life’s vision (know what you want to accomplish)
Set challenging, but achievable goals
Break down goals into actionable plans

It is possible in only 16 hours of life changing coaching.

We recommend that you complete this program within 3 – 4 weeks.

Get control over your emotions, instead of your emotions controlling you.

Most Psychologists and Psychiatrists try to pinpoint the highly charged events in a person’s life by using Psychoanalysis to try and help a person get over it. This can be a very time consuming, strenuous and emotionally draining process to get over all the Negative Emotion Charges (NEC). You will have to go and visit every event in your life one at a time and talk about it – in the hope that you will let go of the NEC on the event.

Now, without getting too technical: All these Negative Emotional Charges (NEC) for a specific emotion like, for example, Anger, starts to form a chain like structure (called a Gestalt) in the mind/neurology from a very early age, and continues to grow longer as we continuously experience this specific emotion over and over in our life. Each NEC in the chain of Anger will be linked to a specific event. The longer the Chain of NEC’s of a specific emotion like, for instance, Anger, the less control a person will have over their Anger when it gets triggered by some sort of internal or external stimuli. The same principle applies for all the other Negative Emotions like Fear, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt, Shame, Frustrations, Hate, Doubt, Anxiety, Jealousy and a lot more.

Negative Emotional Therapy™ is a quick and affective technique that can help any person to release all those Negative Emotional Charges (NEC) on the events from the past for each specific emotion one at a time. Once you released all the NEC’s on all the major Negative Emotions, you will gain back control over your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you. This will also help you to stop thinking or living in the past and therefore, become more present in the moment, with a positive, optimistic outlook on your life.

All of us have a constant, inner “self-talk” going on. Have you ever noticed that there are two (sometimes more) different little voices in a tug-of-war with each other? For example, one voice says you CAN do it, and the other tells you NO, therefore voices of doubt interfere with you mind talk. This is what is called inner conflict. Have you noticed one is always optimistic and positive about everything, while the other is limiting , skeptical or plain negative about everything?

Example…  I am not good enough and I will not make it  VS  I can do it and I am great

This incongruence stops us from living out our full potential.

Inner conflict therapy is a powerful technique that takes clients through a process where we finally silence, the limiting/negative little voice in the mind. Once the negative/limiting little voice is silent, we become congruent again and can achieve our goals and life purpose so much faster..

To really understand what this will mean for yourself and your clients, just do yourself a favour and go and read all the testimonials on our Home Pageand Testimonial Page again to see what it did for other people. This technique alone will totally transform your life for the better. Every time we take a group of people through our training, we are dumbstruck to see how people can change in such a short time.

“Words above can’t describe what it can do for you once it silence your negative voice that is always holding you back to live the life of your dreams”




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