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Relationships are mirrors to how we treat ourselves

Relationships could be complicated. And sometimes we start to think about what we think other people think and it gets confusing. Maybe you feel like you don’t know how to respond when your partner says things you don’t agree with, or you want your partner to change his/her behavior, but you can’t seem to find the right way to tel them, it always ends up in a fight or uncomfortable, harsh words. So your question might be: “how do I handle situations, how do I talk to my partner in a way that he/she would understand and not take offense?”

My questions to you:

  • What is your relationship with yourself?

How comfortable are you in your own skin?  What do you believe is possible/not possible for you?  Do you feel like you are good enough?  Do you love and accept yourself unconditionally? How comfortable do you feel between other people? Are you worthy of love? 

  • How is your relationship with your husband/wife?

Do you have a fun, loving, intimate, free, trusting relationship?  Do you know how to handle situations, or do you just keep quiet and let the frustration built inside?  Or maybe you don’t keep quiet, you say what you want to get it off your chest, but that creates unhappiness. Are you holding on to hurtful words that you can’t get out of your head?

  • How is your relationship with your kids?

 Do you feel like you must control all situations, e.g. what they wear; eat; do and interfere, because everything will fall apart when you don’t? What fears/doubts/beliefs are you projecting onto them about the world and about people?

  • How is your relationship with other people or friends?

Do you trust people?  Do you feel like you can be yourself around anybody? Do you allow people to come close?  Do you feel like it is better to be by yourself? Are you still holding on to past hurts or words?

It’s the need to have inner control, that makes you want to control the outside.

Inner power and Inner peace is the key.

Here are possible challenges you might also be facing:

Do you find it difficult to built and maintain friendships and intimate relationships? You find yourself constantly anxious, wondering whether your partner cares about you enough. Or are you constantly worried about what others might be thinking or saying about you?  Do want to control your relationship with your romantic partner/friends/family in fear of losing them, or in fear that they might change?  Are you still being held back by past relationships or choices and you feel stuck in a way that you can’t move forward freely?  Do you feel like you don’t always know what to say or how to act around certain people and you can’t be yourself around everybody?  You only feel at home around certain people/groups?

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t trust people?  You are too cautious about entering into a relationship with someone or you constantly need to be in a relationship?  Or maybe you want to be in a relationship so badly, but it seems like there is nobody out there for you, or nobody is really interested in you, or you can’t find the right person? Or you have a partner, but you are wondering  if someone else won’t make you happier?  Or maybe you tell yourself that you don’t need anyone, you are fine on your own, but deep down you know you are just scared.  Are you letting yourself be strung along by someone, just to feel that you have somebody?  Are you allowing someone to date you even though you know this person is just passing time.  Or you have this belief that “people always leave’?

This program will allow you to be honest with yourself, to make real and lasting changes.

After this program you will have the confidence to make your own choices, not out of fear,

but out of a deeper understanding about your life, who you are, what you want, from

a place of inner peace, inner freedom and trust.

Are you maybe stuck in a loveless relationship?

Do you get obsessed with someone, even if you know they might not be the one for you?  But you just can’t seem to get the person out of your head.

Do you start a relationship feeling good about it, but very quickly start to feel overwhelmed and trapped.

Do you put yourself through so much unnecessary stress to please the other person, hoping that they would care about you more, or hoping that they won’t leave.

The answers is = you start with yourself. 

When you are free to live, laugh, enjoy your life…when you totally and completely love and accept yourself, the rest follows.

After this program you will feel needed and loved and uniquely special.  You will be free from past hurts, free of guilt, free of loneliness, and fear. You won’t need the self-destructive behavior and self-sabotage anymore.   When you are free of the feeling that you need someone else to make you feel whole and special, only then can you be whole on your own, be love, accept yourself, have a deep appreciation for yourself. Then you can have a mutually beneficial relationship, where you don’t need anybody to make you happy. If you love yourself, have inner freedom, inner peace, confidence, radiating joy, you will feel at peace with yourself wherever you are. You will attract  the right people into your life, a partner or friends who can appreciate you.  You will be free to laugh and live your life with passion again.

“If I knew 16 hours could change my life like this, I would’ve done this a long time ago. Now I can start living! Let’s do this!”

Do you sometimes feel like you are not worthy of being loved? Or feel like everybody always leaves?

You can learn from the past and change your behavior and beliefs into positive feelings about yourself. Attracting and finding love. Get YOURSELF ready before you enter into a relationship and wound up getting hurt again.

Do you consider yourself to be a complicated, layered individual, who refuses to be boxed in or defined by a particular group or belief system?   You can uncomplicated yourself, even understand yourself.  You can find the place where you do fit in, where you can just be yourself and live your life.

Good news..

You can maintain a good relationship, while being yourself.  This program will help you learn to trust yourself and other people. You will be free of your harsh self-judgement, free of self-doubt.  Your self image will fundamentally change, so that you are deeply happy with who you are and what you look like. Your self-view can and will change so much that you will find it hard to remember how you used to see yourself.

Do you set goals for yourself and before you know it, you fell into your old habit of behavior again?  E.g. Just this morning you told yourself you will never yell or snap or get irritated with your kids/husband/partner again. And before you know it, you have done it again, you have lost your temper, taking your frustration out on them.   This happens mainly because of your sub-conscious programming. Your sub-conscious mind where your emotions, beliefs and habits are stored, is stronger than your conscious mind, which controls your willpower. Therefore it will be almost impossible to change this behavior by yourself by trying to practicing positive thinking, or reading self-help books, or just by being harder on yourself.  This will just give you more feelings or guilt, of not being good enough.

Our program changes these deep rooted beliefs, behaviors, habits, and thinking patterns  in the sub-conscious mind. Yes it is possible to have the patience, the kind answers, the inner freedom to act the way you want to act. And this will come naturally and effortlessly.  With Negative Emotional Therapy (see process) we delete negative emotions that is holding you back.  Making you free from all the hurt and emotional ties of the past.

Don’t you want to get back to your blueprint, get back to your dream, to the person God made you to be.  Peaceful, Loving, Kind, Forgiving, Patient, Blissful, Natural, Beautiful.

You will be able to stop your obsessive thinking and worrying about relationships and how to deal with it and how to handle people/partners/kids.  When you are free from fear, free from anxiety, free from hurt, free from anger, free from doubt, you will feel secure in your relationships.

You will have inner power, freedom and trust to put yourself out there, to take a risk, to take your mask off and to be your beautiful self.

Yes, your life will be transformed in 16 hours of life changing coaching.

We recommend that you complete the program within a month (3-4 weeks)

Skype and in-person coaching sessions

“I’m OK!”   Is that what you usually say to yourself and others?  Creating the illusion of happiness and fulfillment instead of real happiness and fulfillment?

Are you constantly wondering why it is so hard to connect with others, wondering if there is anyone out there who could understand the real you, the person you are deep inside, wondering why you mostly feel so alone, (even if you are surrounded with people), trapped with your own emotions, fears, thoughts. You look at other people and wonder how it is that they seem so happy all the time.

Do you sometimes feel trapped within the walls of your house/room, and feel like you just want to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world.  And sometimes you just want to run away to a place where nobody knows you, and nobody expects anything from you. You feel like you would rather not share your feelings with other people, because they won’t understand anyway. These thoughts make you feel trapped, all these questions about life. “Is it really worth it?” you wonder.

You wonder how you can enjoy this life if you are constantly doubting yourself, when you are filled with hurt, sadness, grief, stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, questions, regrets, self-sabotage.  You feel like life is a constant struggle and fight.  You have to force things to work, force things to fall into place.

You feel like nobody really cares about you, that everybody else is more important than you, more beautiful, more perfect, more fun than you. And no matter how hard you try, you just cannot seem to get ahead, you always come second, you’re feel left behind, and forgotten.  You must put on a brave face everyday, but when you get home, all those nagging feelings comes flooding back, telling you that you are “not OK”…and then tomorrow you try harder..and the next day and the next day. Until everyday feels like the same struggle.

Is it at all possible to feel better?  Can you even dare to dream about being happy?  To dream about having fulfilling relationships?

Yes it is possible.  And it is possible within 16 hours of life changing coaching.

You can be free from guilt, free from sadness, free from worrying, free from negative thoughts, free from loneliness, free from anger, free from rejection.  And when you are free from guilt, free from sadness, free from fear, free from doubt, then you can step into who you were made to be. You will have inner peace, inner power, love, joy, happiness, trust, acceptance.

Our program is uniquely designed to guide you to a life of freedom, to fullness of life, to vibrant joy. Yes it is possible. Yes, it is for YOU.  You have to make the choice. You have to take the step. You have to believe.  This program is waiting for you to make the choice, to start, to live. 


Our program covers: 

  • Eliciting your values
  • Powerful Questions
  • Goal Setting
  • Life changing life principles
  • Understanding your Subconscious Mind
  • New Focus Filters
  • Inner conflict therapy (inner peace)   (Inner Freedom Coaching System ™)
  • Negative Emotional Therapy ™ (get rid of negative emotions)
  • Negative Believe Therapy (Delete limiting Beliefs)
  • Installing new Empowering Beliefs
  • Anxiety Eliminator
  • Boost Self Love
  • New transformed Self-Image
  • Take action

Your new and transformed life after this program:

  • Self-love
  • Fulfillment in every area of your life
  • Focused life
  • High Self-worth
  • New self image
  • Realizing and aligning your core values
  • Identify and release any limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Free from all negative emotions
  • Inner peace: no more doubting and fighting within
  • Feel connected and be in tune with people around you
  • Conscious living
  • Discovering who you are
  • Create your unique life vision (know what you want to accomplish)
  • Set challenging, but achievable goals
  • Break down goals into actionable plans

It is possible in only 16 hours of life changing coaching.

We recommend that you complete this program within 3 – 4 weeks.

Maybe you have….

… everything you could ever need, but still there is something missing.  You just want to get rid of that last bit of doubt and of the limiting beliefs that is standing between you and your vision/goal.

You find that you are positive and on your way to achieving success, but still there is something holding you back, achieving your goal seem just out of your reach.


You look around you and see that everybody else seem so happy and carefree and successful in every area of their life.

You know that you need more from life, and you don’t know what it is, or how to get it.

Our transformational coaching program gets rid of your unconscious limiting beliefs and sub-conscious programming.

You can and will be successful in every area of your life, you can and will achieve your goals.  You can live a life true to your self and live a truly inspiring and full life. 

Come and find what you are looking for, come for this life changing program.