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“To be able to just truly be yourself,
and feel at peace wherever you are -
that’s the real gift”


"Take control of your life,
your emotions, your choices”


“Create the life you choose”

“Re-Create yourself, Re-Create your world”


“Karien is so insightful and amazing. The depth that she can go to and bring out in a person should be called “phenomenon“.  Spending time with my coach has been so effortless, and everyday I have been more excited than the previous to see her. I still cannot believe that the whole of SA has not been to see her.”  –  Michelle Potgieter

Well done, you are one step closer to having the life you want, the life

you envision for yourself.

 I LOVE how you can be at the right place, at the right time.  



What do you want in life?

Why do you want it?

What would you give to have it? 

Find out HOW my program impacts your life & lets you get rid of your limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that are keeping you from success and inner peace..  

If I knew how different my life could be in only
16 hours of coaching,
I would’ve done this program a long time ago!  I’m ready to
start living a life of balance and freedom!







I thrive when I work with clients and they learn to see and recognize the magnificence and beauty within them, when their eyes sparkle with them knowing that they are g o o d  e n o u g h, that they are beautiful, that they can achieve anything and attract the right people and circumstance into their lives.. That moment, is truly life changing. 

This coaching program is focused on your beliefs, thoughts and emotions and is truly unique in the way that it impacts your life, enabling you to get where you want to be in a short timeframe. Living the life you envision for yourself. 

During this powerful coaching program you focus on where you are now, and where you want to be.  My focus is to get you there. It is not about talking endlessly about your past, and reliving every hurtful experience. We focus on where the power is, IN THE NOW.

After this coaching program you realize that you have it all within you, the tools to succeed are already part of you. You are enlightened to seeing yourself and the world you live in, in a new light, all that is left for you to do is to LIVE and enjoy your new life.

Is there more to life than what I have been living?  

Clients come to me because they want to achieve all their life goals, everything that life has to offer. They know there is more available for them to achieve and they know that they were meant for much more, much bigger things.

This is a specific life coaching program that is focused on transforming your subconscious mind. When you make changes in your subconscious, it creates powerful changes in your life.

After the program being positive, reaching your goals, focus, discipline, peek performance, risk taking, fulfilling relationship, making decisions, satisfying work environment, emotional freedom, inner peace becomes effortless.

To be totally in the moment, is such a boundless, liberating place to be. 



Have you ever thought that you were meant for something bigger? That there must be more to life? That it must be possible to be free from past experiences holding you back? Asked yourself how you can be more successful in every area of your life? How you can be happy and excited about your life?

Hello, I’m Karien Muller

Master Transformational Life Coach

The changes in my life were so substantial, real and magnificent that I want to share these powerful tools with you.

Creating an extraordinary Quality of Life requires a focused mind, allignment of beliefs and supporting thoughts.

 “The Right Life Coach can help you exceed your biggest dreams”

To be able to guide you to the grandest version of yourself and experience your total transformation is the best gift.

Contact me to find out HOW this program is FOR YOU and how you will get rid of everything holding you back.

GET READY to live, to succeed, to feel radiating joy and to see your vision realize!!

082 449 4222

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